Let’s face it. When it comes to traveling, luggage safety is our number one priority. And why wouldn’t it? What is the point of going somewhere if you do not have your necessary belongings with you – be it clothes, tissues, headphones, or even a toothbrush?  

One way to ensure possession safety is by tracking them. And why would you do that? Well . . .haven’t we all stood near a luggage carousel, anxiously waiting for our baggage to snake through the conveyor belt, wondering if it even reached the airport, to begin with?  

To counter this problem, Apple has put in the effort to create a device that will track your belongings for you, ensuring its safety. Meet the AirTag! A simple yet essential gadget that helps solve the luggage crisis for good. We’ve prepared the following article as a guide to help you understand the workings and benefits of AirTags.


What are AirTags?

AirTags are an Apple-made product designed to create a wireless Bluetooth connection between it and the user’s device. In simple terms, it is an effective technique one can utilize to keep track of their belongings. Just put the stuff you want to keep track of and leave the rest up to the Air Tag. It’s that easy!
Often when traveling, many people have undergone difficulties with their baggage. Some wait for a lifeline watching the conveyor belt. Others believe that their bags did not even participate in the flight! In such weary times, having an AirTag becomes a blessing. All you need to do is go to your Find My app to locate the AirTag you previously attached to your baggage.
If you think about it, they really come in handy in your everyday life when you find yourself losing your wallet or your car keys. And when you’re traveling, their practicality seems to increase evermore. It saves you from situations you would otherwise find yourself in.

How do they work? 

Despite their tiny build, AirTags have a rather ingenious method of telling your location to you. Powered by a CR2032 button cell, this gadget works by linking itself to a global network. How does that work? Well, think of it this way: 

All compatible Apple devices are linked together in the Find My network. Your AirTag would send out a secure Bluetooth signal that any nearby registered device picks up. The coordinates of the said signal are then stored in iCloud – a cloud-storage service Apple provides to its users. You can then log in to the Find My app and see your AirTags location on a map.  

That is the basic gist of it.  

The whole process is quite secure. So, you need not worry that someone may pick up your AirTags location and proceed to steal your belongings. The data itself is thoroughly encrypted. In fact, so much so that not even Apple knows where your AirTag is, nor the device that helped locate it!


How will Airtags ensure luggage safety?

Before we jump into this next section, how about we clear one common misconception people usually have? AirTags are more fixated on tracking your stuff rather than preventing any malicious attacks. However, it can still tell you about your luggage’s whereabouts as long as the AirTag remains intact with the rest of your belongings. And this feature alone significantly boosts baggage safety.  

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you believe someone might have stolen your stuff, you can always use the Find My app to locate it quickly. And in other scenarios where your bag seems to have been misplaced or lost, an AirTag can cause immense relief.  

You can even change the settings to have the Find My app constantly updating you about your belonging’s location. All while keeping its coordinates hidden from other users on the Find My network. Your privacy is Apple’s biggest priority. And with that, AirTags becomes a reliable gadget one can use to ensure their luggage’s safety. 


Pros and cons of getting an AirTag

By now, you might think AirTag is a Godsend blessing for those looking to travel with a phobia of losing their stuff. But you should not forget that AirTags, like all other products, come with their own limitations, no matter how minor they may be.  

If you’re looking at its advantages, you’d find that it’s a great device to keep note of your belonging’s whereabouts. Its revolutionary principle enables you to receive accurate updates of your stuff’s locations, even if it is hundreds of miles away. You can thank Precision Finding for that. The simple CR2032 button cell gives the AirTag a yearlong lifeline. Once over, twist the AirTag, open it, replace the cell, and you’re good to go! 

Despite being fine and dandy in its application, the AirTag does have some plot holes. You need an iPhone or an iPad to activate an AirTag before using it. And you also need to be aware that AirTags do not guarantee the return of your stolen possessions. Mindful thieves can sniff out tracking devices like AirTags, leaving you in an ordeal. 

Moreover, there have been cases of people using AirTags with malicious intent. That includes stalking and burglary, where the thief priorly sneaks an Airtag into your possessions.



AirTags are quite the unique gadgets for effectively locating your belongings during your travels. They notify you and save you the worry you would otherwise have about their whereabouts. They’re portable, easy to use, and have an energy source that can go a year without replacement! 

And regardless of the cons we have mentioned about AirTags, it seems they remain quintessential for enhancing your luggage’s safety. The chances of something terrible happening to you through an unknown AirTag is pretty slim. So, you need not be afraid. In fact, the benefits far outweigh the downsides of AirTags!