Be careful not to touch anything at the Wynn Las Vegas

Family friends recently returned from a trip to the Wynn Las Vegas, but the first story they had to tell wasn’t about luxurious accommodations, gambling, restaurants, or shows. It was about the snacks on top of their minibar.

The motion-detector minibar wasn’t new to me. Those are bad enough: You move any item in the minibar, and if you don’t put it back within 60 seconds, you’ve bought it. So much for making room to store your own food or beverages in there.

But what the friends told us was about the outside of the minibar. Snacks were placed on a tray. Not inside anything, but out in the open. (Heres a photo of the display.) There’s a warning that the food is on an electronic scale, and moving the item means you bought it.

wynn snack bar

This is just absurd. What if you wanted to look at the nutritional information on the back? Or, as one Expedia review noted, what if you have kids who inquisitively pick stuff up? (Best not to take the kids to the Wynn!) And check your bill: As one TripAdvisor reviewer learned, after getting hit with $100 of minibar fees, even though they didn’t consume anywhere near that much, you need to watch your charges, to make sure you didn’t accidentally budge anything.

The next time I will just buy some snacks from 7-eleven, read some online casino reviews and play from home. Much cheaper, better chances of winning, and I don’t have to worry about accidentally¬†being charged $10 for a bag of crips.

What’s next, a tripwire that triggers a fee if you use the bathroom?

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