Whenever one plans out a trip to Disneyland, he or she would try to ensure that he goes for the trip at the time best suited for the same. This way, one’s family is going to enjoy more.

Choosing the best time for a trip to Disneyland varies from one person to the other, because it is based on one’s preferences. In this post, we discuss all about the best time to visit Disneyland.

Typically, one is going to have a choice at going sometime in the middle of the week in February. This could be a sunny day, and since there’d be no school holidays at this time, avoiding crowds is going to be easy. But, then, a downside is going to be there. There won’t be any fireworks in Disneyland at this time.

Another option is to visit Disneyland sometime during the summers. All the rides are going to be running during this phase, and the days, too, are going to be long. Moreover, each day of the week, one can be a witness to the nighttime shows running every week and the fireworks. But, if one goes for this option – visiting during summers, then one would have to cope with the heat and the elongated queues.

Ideally, the best time to visit Disneyland is sometime during the summer holidays. Disneyland is going to be open for the longest hours during this time. So, one gets more time to enjoy as one desires. There is a whole lot of stuff to do when one visits Disneyland – one can make the best of the time available at hand.

When one visits Disneyland during summers, fireworks, shows and parades are going to be on offer each day. Then, it is very unlikely that the rides will be closed for maintenance. So, one can make it a point to enjoy every ride one sets one’s eye upon, if one desires.

But, one also has to consider that during the summers, Anaheim is going to be scorching hot. One might begin to worry about melting in the weather. Now, since the hours of operation will be longer, Disneyland is going to be jam packed. This will have direct repercussions over the waiting times for the rides. Further, with the hotel rates being higher because of the higher traffic, the total trip expenses
are going to spiral on.


Best day to visit the Disneyland

If we consider the best day to visit Disneyland, then, one should be visiting Disneyland sometime in
the middle of the week, in a phase wherein the traffic to Disneyland is going to be lower. The people around are going to be fewer, and one can bask in the company of one’s friends, family, and loved ones. In such a phase, it might be possible that you find yourself dancing on the floor with Pinocchio. Overall, even as one spends less time waiting, one has more time to have fun.


January to March the number of visitors to Disneyland 
are the fewest

This is going to be the case at more times than not. But, we’d have to make an exception for school breaks and holidays.

In the off season, a visitor is going to have lesser hours for experiencing everything. It may even be possible that a few of the rides have been shut down on the account of routine maintenance procedures, wherein the upgrades take place. On weekdays, no nighttime entertainment may take place at all.

Peak Season at Disneyland

Across the world, the second-most busiest theme park is Disneyland. This is as per the stats that have been rolled out by Themed Entertainment Association. The number of yearly visits to Disneyland stands at around 18 million visits yearly. If we consider the busiest theme park worldwide, it, obviously, is Disney World.

So, irrespective of the time of the year when one visits Disneyland, one is not going to be alone.

In particular, when the most important holidays in the US occur, Disneyland is going to get remarkably crowded. These important holidays are Christmas, July 4, which is also the independence day of America, and Thanksgiving week.

On these days, safety precautions become even more important in Disneyland. For safety purposes alone, people are sometimes stopped from visiting Disneyland at the gates. This is even while they are carrying a ticket. But, thankfully, this is only the case during these holidays. Otherwise, if one is carrying a ticket to Disneyland, the odds of being stopped at the gates is close to negligible.

op attractions in Disneyland, Month Wise

1.     In January, holiday decorations are going to be top notch for most of the month. Lunar New Year Festivities
will begin towards January end.

2.     In February, with fewer crowds, waiting time for rides will be low. President’s day is celebrated on February’s
third week.

3.     March is pleasant time to visit Disneyland, towards the beginning, before it gets really crowded.
Disney California Adventure will host a food and wine festival during this time.

4.     April brings to you Disneyland in its really crowded Avtaar. But the DapperDay is held during this time, with
visitors coming to Disneyland in retro clothing.

5.     Memorial Day weekend in Disneyland is really crowded in May, but new attractions in Disneyland are also
about opening during this time.

6.     Come June, and summers in Disneyland have begun. Parades, lightshows and fireworks are all going to be in
the itinerary for a visitor.

7.     In July, Disneyland is going to be open for the longest number of hours, and the maximum number of rides will be open.

8.     August sees Disneyland not just crowded, but hot as well – operational for 14 – 16 hours daily. CHOC Walk in
the Park takes place during the season, alongside D23, which as a big Disney fan expo.

9.     September is among the best times to visit Disneyland, with the Halloween festivities underway.

10.  In October, a visitor will get to witness Mickey’s Halloween party, and Disneyland is all nicely decorated.

11.  November is a nice time to visit Disneyland, but as Thanksgiving approaches, the number of visitors is

12.  In December, a visitor can visit Santa, and enjoy fireworks and unique holiday parade.