In the post-Covid era, there have been many signs to show that travel is in full swing – from costly airline fares to long security check queues, to an abundance of social media posts from people around the world. Some people in the travel and tourism industry are also referring to it as “revenge travel”, honestly because people want to make up for the experiences and time lost during the pandemic. Even you might have some upcoming travel plans for the near future. In any scenario, you will need to invest in luggage that is easy to carry around, sturdy to handle the nuances of travel, and good-looking so that it can also be a part of those travel pictures you intend to upload on social media. 

Let us discuss some of the best travel luggage 2022 options that you can consider before
planning your long-due vacation or holiday trip.

A relatively new entrant, having been founded in 2015, Away is a highly funded female-backed travel luggage startup. The brand owes its success to two main concepts. The first is that it has a direct-to-consumer sales policy that helps in reducing costs. The second is the brand’s simplicity – it sells a single main product that is a hardshell suitcase available in four sizes and up to 10 colors. The size ranges from Carry-On to Large. Each suitcase comprises a TSA-approved lock, removable laundry bag, and four spinner wheels, and is made from lightweight polycarbonate material.


Samsonite is a highly respected luggage brand around the world and was founded in 1910 in Denver.
Ever since its founding, it has been at the industry forefront and is highly respected for its stylish appeal and durability at affordable prices. There is a wide range of luggage offered by Samsonite with varying colors, sizes, and styles. Most of the check-in and carry-on bags come with four spinner wheels. Samsonite has been able to stay strong in the competition because the brand has kept itself at pace with the technological advances over time. For example, the current range of carry-on bags comes with in-built USB charging pockets. Innovations patented by Samsonite include Curv (an extra-strong and ultra-light hardshell composite that reduces the overall weight) and GeoTrakR (which allows customers to track real-time luggage location through their smartphone).


Amazon Basics

It is well known that many luggage brands charge highly because of their brand label. But if you would like to opt for a no-frills option, you can consider AmazonBasics, an in-house brand by Amazon. The brand launched in 2009 and sells almost all everyday necessity items at very low prices which they are able to do by having
simple designs and basic packaging. Nevertheless, the quality is much better than people might expect. There are a plethora of choices available in terms of size, color, material, and style. Being an Amazon Prime member will help you save even more with free shipping on all AmazonBasics products.



Tumi is a luxury travel brand that started in 1975 when its founder Charlie Clifford began to sell South American leather bags imported into the USA. The brand is now synonymous with high-flying fashion. Although there are certain premium-grade leather luggage options available, most of the range is manufactured from softshell ballistic nylon or polycarbonate alloy. The brand lives up to its expectations by passing each product through a set of 30 unique tests before launching them on the market. Another reason for Tumi’s success is its innovation mantra. The Add-a-Bag strap allows customers to join two or three luggage items to make it easier to transport them using a single hand, while the T-Pass technology lets customers leave their laptop inside the backpack while passing through airport security.



Founded by Bob Plath, a pilot with Northwest Airlines, TravelPro was founded with the intention to find a solution for the wear and tear caused by traditional suitcases to both themselves and the traveler pulling them. He ultimately found the solution by inventing the four-wheel spinner suitcase which was named The
Original Rollaboard. Ever since then, TravelPro has become the first choice for pilots and aircrews of all airlines, thanks to its highly functional and long-lasting features. The luggage options are available in 4 colors and most of them come with fold-out garment bags to ensure that the clothes remain



The company that is famous for creating the Swiss Army Knife is now also a producer of highly durable travel luggage series. As a customer, you have access to both softshell and hardshell variants produced by the brand. Like Tumi, each piece of Victorinox luggage is exposed to 30 quality tests, even though the prices are
slightly lesser as compared to Tumi. All items come with YKK zippers that are puncture-resistant, telescopic handles made out of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, and reinforced seams. Additionally, each suitcase has a TSA-approved locking mechanism, a unique tracking ID, and a four-spinner wheelbase.


Briggs & Riley

The upscale brand Briggs and Riley launched in 1993 and became an instant hit in the travel industry riding on the back of their Simple As That lifetime warranty program that promised customers that their luggage damage will be repaired at zero charge. The customers don’t even have to show proof of purchase while the
warranty also covers damage caused due to airline handling. Although the prices are quite expensive, Briggs & Riley’s luggage should be considered an investment. The luggage is available in multiple sizes, colors, and materials. Sever innovations belong to the brand such as the CX Expansion compression system and the Outsider handle.




When choosing a suitable luggage brand, consumers have to look for a variety of combinations including price, warranty, features, and brand. The best travel luggage 2022 will depend on individual travelers’ expectations and requirements. Whatever the case may be, there are many amazing options available to choose from and fulfill those long-due travel dreams of yours and you can always choose one that fits your needs best within your budget range.