Can You Guess What These Funny Australian Slang Phrases Mean?


If “G’day, mate” and “Slip some shrimp on the barbie” are the only two Australian slang phrases you know, you’d better study before you make your way to Oz. Australians love their abbreviations more than most (“barbie” for barbecue, “garbo” for garbageman, etc.) and are not afraid of putting a little fun in everyday conversations — Australian slang is plentiful and hilarious, but not always easy to understand for outsiders.

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge of Australian sayings. If you want to study before you take this quiz, check out this guide to Australian slang.

Question 2 of 10

In australian slang, “misso” means:


Missed out


Look out

Question 3 of 10

In Australian slang, “durries” mean:

Condoms (short for Durex)

Bottles of beer



Question 4 of 10

In Australian slang, a “budgie smuggler” is a:

A fanny pack

A tiny bra

Skimpy male beachwear

A mosquito net

Question 5 of 10

In Australian slang, a “thunderbox” is:

A toilet

A terrible car

A loud kookaburra

A bed

Question 6 of 10

Which of the following Australian expressions DOES NOT mean “getting drunk”?

Getting maggoted

Getting paro

Getting mounted

Getting bogan

Question 7 of 10

In Australian slang, “being flat chat” means:

Being exhausted

Being depressed

Being busy

Being single

Question 8 of 10

In Australian slang, “he could put a horn on a jellyfish” means:

He’s very hot

He’s a dreamer

He’s a liar

He’s very successful

Question 9 of 10

The Australian expression “whim wham for a goose’s bridle!” means:

You’re full of shit

You’re a loser

It’s none of your business

What you’re doing is impressive

Question 10 of 10

In Australian slang, “pashing” means:

Being lazy

Kissing someone passionately

Having sex


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