Drimsim – The New Era of Digital Communication in Travelling

The innovative concept of DRIMSIM revolves around the innovative concept of digital communication around the globe. For instance, a wanderer travelling across two or more countries has to change the Sim card in the mobile phone as soon as he/she reaches the destination. Now the question arises here how much are you going to pay for either the roaming charges or the extra charges for the local network? On the other hand, seafarers and flight attendees are required to change their Sim cards whenever they reach another seaport or airport to be connected to their known people outside. It gradually becomes uncomfortable and bothersome to look out for a local SIM card and change the same again and again.

Yes, wanderers, DRIMSIM is the best solution for your desired digital communication, especially while travelling from one country to other. The company offers a Universal eSIM, especially for people who are engaged in frequent travelling across countries. As the name suggests, the eSIM from DRIMSIM has Universal applicability over more than 190 countries all around the world which allows you to stay connected with your friends and family. The innovative product of DRIMSIM has eliminated the need of changing the SIM cards with the local network providers as well as the higher charges or costs for international roaming services. In addition to that, travellers and wanderers can experience a smooth travel journey across different countries as they no more have to change their SIM cards as soon as they reach their destinations.

Let’s just look at the pricing factor as it plays a crucial role in choosing the perfect network connection. To be precise, the innovative digital communication offered by DRIMSIM is introduced to be the most cost-effective network provider as it provides digital communication at the least cost which lies somewhere near the charges for local network services. As the company is not linked with any Network operator, the customers will not face the issue of fixed costs or charges over a particular period. Neither Drimsim charges any subscription fees or annual charges for their eSIM services nor there are any hidden costs in using the innovative services of the company. The concept of Universal eSIM introduced by DRIMSIM is organised with several benefits for the customers in moving from moving across international boundaries across countries.

Lets address a couple of questions before we move on to the benefits and advantages of using Drimsim

What is an eSIM?

eSIM is considered among the innovations in communication networks which includes a virtual SIM card that does not need to be inserted into the mobile phone as it could be directly activated by scanning the QR code provided by the network operators.

Why do you need the Drimsim App?

The Drimsim App is an essential element in using the service of eSIM as it includes complete control of the usage of network communication. It includes tracking of the charges, cashback & rewards, referral links, Tariff calculator, etc. which assists customers in using the provided network.

Universal Connectivity

The eSIM offered by Drimsim has universal applicability and connectivity in almost every economic country in the world. For instance, the large connectivity area allows customers to plan their travel across countries of their choice and not according to the network services available.

Cost Effectiveness

The service costs and charges for all the local operators in any host country are nearly equal which allows the customers to choose their preferred local networks according to their desired plans over minimum costs. In addition to that, the eSIM service will not be terminated in case of inactivity for a year which will be further charged with just 0.5 euro per month as charges for operating that specific number.

Tariff Calculators

Drimsim has also introduced an innovative presentation of Tariff charges among different countries, the customers can check out for costs they will incur for using communication services in a specific country. The systematic and analytical calculators of Drimsim include all the factors associated with digital communication including local network charges, Tariff costs, taxes, etc. which allows the customers to make up an estimate for the same.

No Traffic Network

Drimsim’s Wanderers and travelers will never face the problem of busy network routes or traffic in communication as the company always look out for providing No Traffic Networks to their customers. This beneficial feature of Drimsim contributes to seamless digital communication in their travelling experience which further enhances their journey.

Pre-paid services

The offers by Drimsim are designed to be pre-paid plans which incur no extra charges and frequent attention from customers to the charges incurred in using the network connection in the host country. For instance, the initial recharge in the mobile application of Drimsim is recommended to be at least an amount equal to 25 euros which could be further managed by customers according to their usage of digital communication.


Habitual Comfort

The mobile application of Drimsim is designed in such a manner that customers could look out for all the essential amenities for their entire travelling journey across the countries. In addition to that, these amenities include creating the desired route, finding restaurants according to the reviews, transportation, etc. which further facilitates a smooth travel experience.


This feature of the eSIM facilitates the company in boosting confidence among the customers for the purchase of eSIM. To be precise, Drimsim claims to provide a complete refund of pre-paid balance as well as all the charges incurred in purchasing the eSIM service. Providing comfort to customers and complete satisfaction are the primary and foremost values of the company which allows them to fulfil customers’ needs and demands.

Complete Control

From Pre-paid balance to choosing the local network to the tariff charges in different countries, Drimsim provides complete authority to their customers throughout their travelling. Customers can plan their overall journey and their network providers according to their personal preferences. Hence, all the options are available in the mobile application of Drimsim.


Drim Delivery

The company offers a delivery service of their eSIM all around the globe through their registered mail. To be precise, customers throughout the world can apply for the eSIM from the mobile application of Drimsim and they will be provided with the best services in the shortest time. The worldwide connectivity of the company allows them to manage the shortest time interval for the delivery of communication networks all around the world.

Virtual eSIM

Another major feature of the company lies in the virtual eSIM that is delivered by the company directly to the smartphone. To be precise, the company uses the IMEI number of the mobile phone and directly activates the virtual eSIM in the phone. This innovative business approach of the company allows customers to ensure the fastest service of communication network without waiting to upgrade or change their SIM cards.

Why should you install the Drimsim App?

The Drimsim App is an essential element in using the service of eSIM as it includes complete control of the usage of network communication. It includes tracking of the charges, cashback & rewards, referral links, Tariff calculator, etc. which assists customers in using the provided network.


Is Drimsim the desired product for you?

Now the question arises i.e., Is eSIM from Drimsim the perfect product for you?

Well, it could be said to be especially beneficial for people engaged in travelling at regular intervals or frequently but that doesn’t mean it is not good for other people in society. The eSIM service of Drimsim is not only for foreign host countries but also for local networks serving in that specific country. In addition to that, the digital communication network served by Drimsim is of high quality and serves a seamless network to their customer which has resulted in being another major advantage for the company.

Though the company especially recommends their eSIM service to customers engaged in frequent travelling as it is the perfect product a traveller could use in their journey. For instance, it defines eSIM from Drimsim as the desired product for frequent travellers but it also offers the non-travellers to have the experience of a high-quality innovative communications network.