Lets understand International Student Insurance

International Student insurance is referred to the insurance coverage provided to students moving out for higher studies abroad. For instance, it generally includes the health policies associated with the shifting of that student to another host country. Pre-existing medical conditions, Emergence of medical adequacies, maternity coverage, Repatriation, etc. are some primary benefits that are provided to international students. Furthermore, the information mentioned below will be contributing additional knowledge and information associated with insurance for international students.

Global Connectivity enhancing opportunities to study abroad

The enhanced connectivity among different economic nations is providing opportunities for young brains to explore their successive education in foreign countries. Moreover, students moving out to foreign countries often lack assistance and financial help in a new country. The fact has to be admitted, that there are uncertainties with our physical as well as mental health which could be affected by various variables and factors especially while traveling to a foreign country for studies.

There are various different platforms offering international student insurance with personalized coverage according to students. Furthermore, Insubuy & Visitors coverage is recognized among the most preferred insurance providers which offer various personalized insurance for students moving out internationally for further education.


Insubuy is an international student insurance provider for students shifting to foreign economic nations to pursue their successive education. The health insurance offered to students from Insubuy is comprised of various benefits including Emergency medical evacuations, PPO network in the entire US, pre-medical coverage, etc. which prevents students from any damage or loss to their health.

Types of Insurance from Insubuy

Schengen Visa Insurance: Insubuy offers Schengen Visa Insurance, especially to students looking out for their higher studies in European countries. As Europe is highly preferred by students for their successive education as they could freely visit various beautiful countries with Schengen Visa Insurance. It includes the health coverage of students for the entire duration of their education in the European consulate.

Exchange Visitor Insurance: Another major insurance coverage offered by Insubuy to international students include medical coverage. In order to be precise, this insurance could pay off up to an amount equal to $100,00 for incident medical coverage, $25000 in return for mortal remains, and $50,000 in case of emergency medical evacuation.

Visitors Coverage 

Visitors’ coverage is among the primary insurance providers offering insurance coverage to international students pursuing higher studies in foreign economic nations. Visitors’ Coverage is highly preferred among students for their insurance coverage as it offers large beneficial values including medical coverage, COVID-19 coverage, Maternity care, Pre-existing health conditions, excessive emergency conditions, etc. which protects students from potential damages and losses.

The eligibility for these international students’ insurance coverage lies in the offer letter raised by the institution for the admission of that student.

Types of Insurance by Visitors Coverage

Student Secure Elite which includes 100% payoff in health centers under the PPO network as well as renewal of up to 4 years of continuous coverage.

Student Secure Budget which is quite less expensive with almost similar advantages to Student secure Elite but lacks an Optional accidental death & Dismemberment Rider and Optional crisis response rider.


From the above-mentioned information, it has been concluded that international student insurance coverage is mandatory as well as essential for students shifting to foreign countries for their higher studies. Therefore, Insubuy and Visitors Coverage are two primary platforms to buy personalized student insurance coverage at the cheapest prices.