Thanksgiving Travel: Roads Are Wet But Traffic Is Moving Along

The Thanksgiving travel rush is underway and roads are already starting to see some wet weather. But so far, traffic is moving along relatively smoothly.

Thanksgiving Travel: Roads Are Wet But Traffic Is Moving Along

The roads may be wet this Thanksgiving, but traffic is moving along just fine. Thanks to some rain in the forecast, many people are hitting the road a day early to avoid any potential delays.

While the wet weather may cause some headaches for drivers, it’s nothing compared to what we’ve seen in recent years. In 2016, Thanksgiving travel was hampered by snow and ice in parts of the country, resulting in widespread delays.

This year, the weather is expected to be much milder, so there shouldn’t be any major issues. However, it’s always best to be prepared for anything. Here are a few tips to make your Thanksgiving travel go as smoothly as possible:

-Check the forecast before you leave. This will give you an idea of what to expect on the roads and how long your drive might take.

-Pack an emergency kit. This should include items like snacks, water, a blanket, and a first-aid kit.

-Leave early if possible. It’s always better to arrive early than late. Plus, you’ll avoid any potential traffic delays.

-Drive safely. This goes without saying, but wet roads can be dangerous. Take your time and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Wet roads cause Thanksgiving traffic delays in some areas

The roads may be wet, but that’s not stopping travelers from hitting the road for Thanksgiving. In fact, some areas are even seeing an uptick in traffic as people take advantage of the holiday to get a head start on their travels.

The wet weather is causing some delays, however, particularly in areas where there has been heavy rain. So if you’re driving anywhere today, be sure to give yourself extra time and drive carefully. The last thing you want is to end up in a fender bender or worse.

Still, the overall picture for Thanksgiving travel is good. According to AAA, more than 54 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home this holiday, a 1.9 percent increase from last year. Most will travel by car, and gas prices are at their lowest levels since 2010. So if you’re one of the many Americans hitting the road this Thanksgiving, do so with caution and enjoy the journey!

In other areas, traffic is moving along smoothly

This Thanksgiving, travel conditions are expected to be wet in many areas across the country. However, even though the roads may be slick, traffic is still moving along relatively smoothly for the most part.

Some of the busiest travel days are still ahead of us, but so far things are looking good for those hitting the road for the holiday. If you’re planning on traveling this Thanksgiving, be sure to check the forecast and plan accordingly. But as long as you take it easy on the roads, you should be able to reach your destination without any major delays.

Officials urge drivers to take caution on wet roads
Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel holidays of the year, and this year is no different. Millions of Americans will hit the road to visit family and friends, and many will do so in wet weather.

Officials are urging drivers to take caution on wet roads, especially during the evening commute. ” AAA projects that nearly 50 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this Thanksgiving, with approximately 89% of them traveling by automobile.

Unfortunately, several areas of the country are expected to experience wet weather during the holiday period, which could make for some dangerous driving conditions.

If you’re planning on hitting the road this Thanksgiving, here are a few tips to help you stay safe:

Slow down and allow yourself extra time to reach your destination.

Be extra vigilant in spotting potential hazards, such as potholes, slippery sections of road, and debris.

Increase your following distance behind other vehicles so that you have more time to react if necessary.

Use your headlights, even during daylight hours, to increase your visibility to other motorists.

Don’t use your cell phone while driving, even for hands-free use. distracted driving is extremely dangerous and can easily lead to accidents.

If possible, avoid making trips during heavy rainstorms. If you must travel in bad weather, pack an emergency kit including items such as flares, a first-aid kit, water, and snacks.

Some tips for driving in wet weather conditions

This Thanksgiving, many Americans will be hitting the road to visit family and friends. And while the weather may not be ideal for driving, Roads are wet but traffic is moving along says the National Weather Service.

If you must travel during wet weather, here are some tips to help you stay safe:

1. Slow down and allow extra space between you and other vehicles. Wet roads can be slippery and it takes longer to stop.

2. Turn your lights on so you can see and be seen by other drivers.

3. Use your wipers to help keep your windshield clear. Many newer cars have rain-sensing wipers that will automatically turn on when they detect moisture.

4. Pay attention to changing conditions and be prepared to adjust your driving accordingly. If you see water pooling on the road, it’s best to avoid driving through it if possible. And beware of hydroplaning, which happens when your tires lose contact with the road surface due to too much water. If your car starts hydroplaning, take your foot off the gas pedal and steer straight until you regain traction.

5. Be extra cautious at night when it’s harder to see potential hazards on the road ahead.

Following these tips will help you arrive at your destination safely this Thanksgiving holiday. Remember to drive slowly and carefully, and always buckle up!