Royal Caribbean Cruise

The Caribbean is no stranger to the reputation of being one of the top holiday destinations in the world. Global tourists love to go to the Caribbean for their holidays.

The Caribbean is but a conglomeration of islands known for their exquisite beaches and other tourist destinations. In most cases, each of the islands comprises an entire nation.

The Caribbean lies somewhere towards the north of South America. It is in close vicinity of the United States, Mexico, and South American countries. The Caribbean has a culture of its own that is mesmerizing and inviting. Tourism is an important industry in the Caribbean islands, and it is, indeed, one of the most attractive places in the world.

Getting to the Caribbean

With the Caribbean mainly comprising of islands, one gets to the destination either by sea or air. Land routes are, obviously, limited. Flying to the Caribbean lets a tourist experience the beauty of the islands to the max. But, when one takes a cruise down to the Caribbean, one is in a better position to stick to a schedule. This is an important implement towards ensuring that one does not miss out on any of the beautiful tourist attractions that the Caribbean islands have to offer.

In essence, there is so much to see in the Caribbean that a single visit might not suffice for the purpose, lest one keeps the visit long. But the charms of cruising down to the Caribbean are age-old and are known to delight the visitors to no end.

If one intends to take a cruise to the Caribbean, then, in all likelihood, there are going to be a range of options available at one’s disposal. Just as an instance, finding a cruise from a port city in India, such as a Mumbai to Caribbean cruise is an option that is going to be available at a visitor’s disposal. 

Further, being on a cruise is quite an experience. The cruises nowadays formulated have a host of attractions that add to the visitors’ delight. While the stay is comfortable, the sights are out of this world. The attractions for indoor recreation, mega meals, and fests keep the visitors occupied and the journey becomes a joy.

A cruise to the Caribbean may not necessarily be all about the Caribbean. There are going to be several port cities that one would be visiting along the way. This makes being on a cruise an outright extravaganza, and one might be traversing half the world to get to the Caribbean, to experience white beach sands, emerald green waters, and buzz that is unique in the world.

Attractions at the Caribbean islands

When in the Caribbean, you’d be enjoying candy-colored cocktails at seaside watering holes. Even as the days would be carefree, the nights would be Calypso flavored. Several of the harbors in the Caribbean are remarkably glamorous.

It’s safe to say that the Caribbean belongs to a league of its own. When at Grand Cayman, one has a chance at getting close to the stingrays. The waters are crystal clear and the beaches are brilliant white. A sophisticated shopping experience awaits you in the Caribbean. 

Among the most yearned-for attractions in the Caribbean is the Christoffel National Park in Curaçao, El Yunque Rain Forest in Puerto Rico, and the Mayan Ruins in Cozumel.


The Bahamas are located nearby the East Coast of the United States. People flock here during the winter season, and the location gives them respite from the chilly weather of the north.

When in the Bahamas, one expects to come across warm sunshine and sugar-white beaches. Swimming with tropical fish and dolphins is quite an experience.


Ever since 1963, Cuba had been off limits for most travelers from the United States. But, now, flights from the US have restarted and so have the cruise ships. The beautiful beaches and mild climate of Cuba are an aspect that the visitors look forward to. Cuba is, alternately, also recognized for its cultural riches.

In Havana, one can expect to find a whole lot of vintage automobiles and colonial buildings. Paladares that serve local cuisines are also an attraction to look forward to. 

Street parties take place in Havana, wherein the visitors move the beats of salsa and mambo. Cienfuegos, similarly, lies towards the southern coast of Cuba and is well recognized for its elaborate mansions. 

Let us take a look at a few of the top ports of call in the Caribbean 

San Juan, Puerto Rico

There used to be a time when San Juan used to be little more than cobblestone streets. The architecture even then used to be distinctively Spanish, reminiscent of the architect who had founded the city. San Juan, but, nowadays, enjoys the status of a modern world capital. The landscape of Puerto Rico will involve white sand beaches, coral reefs, underground caves, and mountains. Rain forests in Puerto Rico are massive, and for most of the island, they supply fresh water.

St Maarten, Netherland Antilles

The island is best described as half French and half Dutch. The location is well recognized for probably the best culinary fusion in the world. This is merely a 37 sq. mile island. When in St. Marteen, a tourist can expect to find some divine shopping, attractive ocean vistas, and vast stretches of beaches.


Across the British Leeward Islands, Antigua is the largest. The winds in Antigua are steady and warm while the wall of the coral reef is nearly unbroken.

For vacationing, Antigua is a popular destination, and its pleasant weather attracts visitors from all around the globe. One comes across 366 attractive beaches in Antigua.

Belize City, Belize

There are several reasons why Belize City is known as the Jewel. Lush tropical rain forests run for miles and miles. While the coastline is attractive, the barrier reef is the longest in the Western hemisphere.

Belize lies amid Guatemala and Mexico. The destination is characterized by its combination of rustic Caribbean charm and modernity.