Top Places to Visit and Things to Do in Orlando Florida 2022

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Orlando is the most well-liked tourist attraction in Florida and one of the most frequented cities in the US. This US destination has always been the top destination for family vacations and has plenty of activities, excitement, and history to keep you entertained for days. It’s the perfect destination for a getaway with friends and family. Whether you enjoy theme parks or not, Orlando has plenty of entertaining things to do! Despite the abundance of theme parks in Orlando, there are tons of other fantastic things to do besides seeing Disney characters. We have included the top things to do in Orlando, Florida if you are planning to get a US visit visa in the future.

Walt Disney World

Disney World

Let’s get to the point without delay. Most globetrotters have heard of Walt Disney World in Orlando and those with a US tourist visa have it wish-listed on their travel bucket list. Orlando is home to the world’s largest Disneyland. The entire theme park would take more than a week to visit all of its zones and thrills. Every family wants to take their children to the land of imagination and famous Disney characters so they may introduce them to Mickey and his pals as well as other Disney Princesses and characters. The ideal strategy is to map out your itinerary based on how many days and which zones you want to spend at Walt Disney World in Orlando and arrange your visits accordingly.

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort Florida

The Universal Orlando Resort is the best theme park to visit in Orlando after Walt Disney World. If you enjoy the films produced by Universal Studios or are a fan of Harry Potter, this attraction offers you lots of thrills and excitement to spend an unforgettable time in Orlando. This movie theme park lets you enjoy some of the most exciting rides and rollercoasters and witness behind-the-scene actions of the movie world. With three interesting themed zones and eight resort hotels, you can easily spend a couple of days having fun and relaxing time here.

Winter Park

Take a break from the man-made theme parks and immerse yourself in a natural adventure. Take a tranquil boat trip in Winter Park, a small township just north of downtown Orlando. Winterpark is a fascinating place to unwind in leisurely surroundings, socialize with friendly locals, and spend some wonderful time in a picturesque town cloaked in scenic nature. It’s definitely worth visiting the Farmer’s Market, which is a popular attraction here.


ICON Park Orlando

A myriad of fun and recreation awaits at ICON Park, a fun carnival-like recreational arena in Orlando. Just near the complex stands the magnificent ‘Wheel at ICON Park’ that offers an amazing panorama of Orlando on a 40-minute rotation ride. It’s one of the popular places to visit in Orlando to enjoy some indoor and outdoor fun, sample some delightful treats from an amazing food scene and explore and shop from boutique stores. The SEALIFE Aquarium introduces you to the undersea world and is located inside ICON Park. As soon as you go inside, you will be surrounded by the stunning, colourful fish that inhabit the ocean as well as other sea creatures like turtles, sting rays, sharks, and many others. This is yet another excellent attraction that children will undoubtedly enjoy.

Harry P Leu Gardens

Harry P Leu Gardens Orlando

Located in the heart of Orlando, Harry P Leu Gardens takes you away from the modern surroundings to a tropical lush landscape. This horticultural attraction, which spans over 50 acres, was formerly Mr. Harry Leu’s residence before he donated it to the city in 1961. The gardens are currently one of Orlando’s top attractions for escaping to nature. Numerous stunning nature trails wind through historical sites, enormous ancient oak trees, and an assortment of vibrant foliage in this area. The attraction holds various events such as scavenger hunts, creative exhibits, music concerts, and movie nights making it a wonderful spot for family and friends to have quality time amid verdant nature.

Disney Springs

Disney Springs Walking Bridge

Find Walt Disney World to be beyond your means? Not to worry! At Disney Springs, you may still experience some of the charms of this attraction. Despite being a part of Walt Disney World along Lake Buena Vista, Disney Springs does not require an entry ticket. You may stroll about and check out more than 100 stores and commercial shops, choose to dine at more than 60 dining venues and restaurants and engage in a variety of entertainment, shows, and other activities here. You are free to explore, shop, dine, and soak in sights as much as you like. It is necessary to note that although admission is free, shows and other entertainment will incur additional costs.

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

Tibet-Butler Nature PreserveImage Credit:

Get lost in the splendour of unspoiled, wild nature at this charming nature reserve, which is located in southeast Orlando along the shores of Lake Butler. Even though it appears to be an uncontrolled forest, there are many well-maintained pathways where you may trek and take in the peaceful wilderness. On your trip to Orlando, this is an excellent location to see some wildlife and birds and enjoy a lovely outdoor day.

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