How does Bts travel?


THE renowned band 'bts' has 67.9 million followers on instagram


the Band bts has a net worth of around 100 million usd 



the band BTS travel from country to country in their luxurious Bombardier Global 6000 - $62.31 Mil

Dashed Trail

Peek of interior of V's Private jet

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Member Jin of BTS drives a beautiful Porsche Panama

other cars of jin

Apart from the Porsche, Jin reportedly owns a royal blue Aventador S Lamborghini.


The youngest member of the group owns an AMG GT 63 S 4-door Mercedes Benz

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Kim Taehyung owns a Genesis GV80 SUV and band member V has been seen in photos with it.

Their travel plans

The Famous band revealed that they planned to travel to several countries like Barcelona, South America, and India