6 Unmissable Routes in the UK

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Nothing compares to the pleasure and excitement of driving along a less-traveled route while marveling at the scenery, exploring off-site locations, meeting new people, and savoring local cuisine and culture.

A road trip allows you to introspect and break the monotony while unwinding yourself. In addition, the whole idea of reaching an unexplored destination adds to the fun and frolic travel episodes.

However, whether you hire a van or drive your own, it is recommended to prepare your vehicle by renewing your insurance with a reputable company and ensuring that it is timely serviced and ready to go long distances. I compare quotes before renewing my van insurance to ensure I get the best deals.

Let me take you through different itineraries waiting for you to be self-driven.

North Coast 500

Nestling sandy beaches, wild mountains, beautiful fishing villages spread across 500 miles of Scottish lush green landscapes, NC500 offers all travelers the chance to drive through the scenic beauty and get smitten by its charm and aura.

For an adventurer in you, there is a list of activities to satisfy their adrenaline rush, such as surfing, canoeing, mountain climbing, etc.

Your trip will typically take 5 to 7 days, starting from Inverness castle with various stoppages, namely Ullapool, Durness, John O groats, Dornoch.

To save you from the last-minute rush, do book your accommodation in advance.

Causeway coastal route

This mystical route, including nine mesmerizing drives, invites everyone with open arms from Belfast to Derry.

One also gets to visit Northern Ireland’s famous sites, be it Dunluce castle, Glens of Antrim, dark hedge, and so on.

Don’t; forget to visit the world’s oldest Old Bushmills distillery, established in 1608, and sample the place’s rich history.

You should spare 3-5 days to cover this stretch of 120 miles.

Peak district

Prepare for a spectacular day trip of just 40 miles from Glossop to the Pennines, passing through the most popular national park, the Peak District, and winding around one of the most incredible mountain passes, Snake Pass.

Do check the weather forecast before you press the paddle, as the weather here is unpredictable to save you the trouble.

The dragon’s spine, wales

Also known as A470, the green coastal route covers two national parks between Cardiff and Conwy and gives any traveler a glimpse of the local culture paired with the rich heritage.

You need 4-5 days to cover this 186 miles stretch.

Cotswold’s Villages

Head to Bath in the south, hopping through different quaint villages, medieval churches amidst the green space, and exquisite wildlife scattered throughout the journey from chipping Campden in the north.

It would be best if you tried to coincide your 3-4 days trip to cover 70 miles stretch while attending different local annual festivals.

Norfolk coast

Travel via the eastern coastline while relishing the province of Norwich before you reach The broads and laze around in the boat exploring the diverse wildlife.

Spread across 40 miles of sandy beaches nestling six beaches more than any other region in the UK, it will usually take 2-3 days to finish the 90 miles distance.

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