Two Days and One Night, Take you to Play Shanghai Lingang

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Lingang, located in the southeastern part of Pudong, Shanghai, is only about 80 kilometers away from downtown Shanghai. Because of its proximity to the sea, Lingang is cool and breezy at night, even on a hot summer day. Unlike Shanghai’s downtown, which is full of tall buildings and bright lights, Lingang offers many special experiences, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, close to nature, and a half-day of leisure. Make sure have your China visa ready before you travel to China. Click here for travel visa assistance.

Recommended Itinerary

Day1: Shanghai city drive to Lingang – – Visit Lingang China Maritime Museum – – Walkthrough Century Pond, enjoy the sunset – – Stay at Nanhuizui Smart Hotel – – Enjoy the starry sky at Nanhuizui at night

Day2: Early morning sunrise at Nanhuizui – visit Dishui Lake – visit Shilong scenic spot, watch the sunset and enjoy the night view of Donghai Bridge – back to Shanghai

Recommended Attractions

China Maritime Museum

From downtown Shanghai, you will arrive at the China Maritime Museum in about one and a half hours by car. The museum is located in the main city of Nanhui Lingang New Town, Pudong New Area, on the shore of Dishui Lake. The car driving in the Lingang city, both sides of the patches of greenery, neat and spacious streets, a whole picture of clean and lush green.

The Nautical Museum is a popular science museum for spreading nautical knowledge and promoting nautical culture, where there are exhibits based on the theme of “nautical” and “museum” everywhere. As a national nautical museum, the content of the exhibition hall, in addition to the most basic science, there are 4D cinema, planetarium, children’s activity center and many other interactive experience area. It is like a nautical feast, from maritime history to maritime knowledge, to shipbuilding and so on, a day can not be the most thorough shopping.

Nanhui Mouth Park Century Pond

It is said that there is a story of historical changes in the formation of Nanhui Zui. About 2,000 years ago, by the “Yangtse River water out of the sea by the tide top support, folding and south, and the Qiantang River water in this confluence” and into the land, so this place is called South Gateway, and the part of the convex to the sea is called “South Gateway mouth”. Changes in the sea, “Nanhui mouth” of the geographic location of the continuous extension to the southeast, now “Nanhui mouth”, is in the blowing sand reclamation on the mudflats newly built, a few years ago or a sea surface.

The Century Pond Road next to Nanhuizui Park is a scenic avenue for viewing the sea in Shanghai. Century Pond Road is located on the east side of the outer harbor river of the Luchao Port sluice gate in Pudong New Area, where the mouth of the Yangtze River meets Hangzhou Bay, starting from the east side of Luchao Port in the west and ending at the west end of the guide dike of the Shanghai artificial peninsula in the east, with a total length of 3.58 kilometers. It is named Century Pond Road because it was built across the century.

Dripping Lake

Nanhuizui is a major feature of Lingang tourism because it faces the East China Sea and the sunrise in the morning. On the East Sea sea, the windmills also look so unique under the morning sun.
After watching the sunrise in the hotel room, I went back to bed and dozed off, only to wake up and enjoy breakfast on the hotel terrace without any hassle. This is what a vacation is all about, sleeping when you want to sleep and eating when you want to eat.

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