The Best Sex Shows, Strip Clubs, and Sex Clubs in Amsterdam


The Red Light District is Amsterdam’s most notorious neighborhood. Located in the city center, near Medieval churches and romantic bridges, it is home to an array of red-lit establishments where one can partake in legal prostitution, attend live sex shows, and visit strip clubs and sex clubs. The vibe in Amsterdam is one of openness, with most Dutch people shrugging their shoulders at the idea of money for sex or a live sex show. And it’s this very feeling that will give tourists the freedom to attend such venues without fearing judgment.

Open to all genders and sexual orientations, Amsterdam does not discriminate, and couples or singles are equally welcome to Amsterdam’s sexy haunts. Here are the best Amsterdam live sex shows, strip clubs, and sex clubs you can visit when in the Dutch capital.

The best Amsterdam sex shows

Facade of the Casa Rosso theater, a famous sex show venue in Amsterdam

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Casa Rosso

Widely considered one of the oldest and most famous venues for live sex shows in Amsterdam, Casa Rosso is a great place to start as a first-timer to the Red Light District.

The theater has 180 seats with a full bar, as well as a lounge with red velvet chairs where guests, mostly out-of-towners, can sit comfortably and enjoy the show.

A live show at Casa Roso consists of couples having sex, solo acts (i.e. masturbation), striptease acts, soft S&M shows, and the ever-popular “banana show.” There are also acts involving colorful ribbons and cigars — let your imagination run free with that.

Live performances usually last a little over an hour before they repeat themselves. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, with many bachelor and bachelorette parties in attendance.

Price: 40 EUR (about $39) or 50 EUR ($49) with two drinks

Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 106-108, 1012 DS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours of operation: Daily from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM


Bananenbar is less of a live theater and more of a bar full of scantily dressed women who will show off all kinds of sexy, and sometimes hilarious, tricks. Of course, true to its name, the main show involves bananas, though other objects are used as well.

The venue is divided into two: Bananenbar and Bananenclub. The bar is where you will see women dancing and pulling off various tricks, while the club area is a strip club where you can pay for lap dances.


  • Banenbar: 50 EUR ($49) for one hour, including four drinks
  • Bananenclub: 25 EUR ($24), including two drinks (beer, wine, or soft drinks)

Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 37, 1012 DA Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours of operation: Daily from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM; Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30 PM

The best strip clubs in Amsterdam

Sexy lights at one of the sex show venues in Amsterdam

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While many strip clubs can be a bit tacky or shady, Bonton is a luxurious and intimate venue with red velvet couches surrounding dancing poles. But the best part is that everyone at this Amsterdam strip club, from the security guards to the bartenders and the strippers, is polite, friendly, and respectful.

Couples, singles, and bachelor and bachelorette parties are welcome to enjoy the great pole dancing and striptease acts.

Price: Entrance is 50 EUR ($49); lap dances are 50 EUR ($49) for two songs

Address: Stadhouderskade 64, 1, 1072 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours of operation: Wednesday to Saturday from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM


The shows at Coqtales are designed with a heterosexual female audience in mind, especially bachelorette parties.

The Magic Mike vibes are strong in this Amsterdam strip club. The muscular dancers put on a variety of performances while wearing all kinds of sexy outfits, including suits, Tarzan costumes, military uniforms, and trench coats. Women are regularly plucked from the audience and given special attention on stage.

Price: A regular seat is 38 EUR ($37), however, there are a variety of packages available on Coqtales’ website, some including VIP seating and a four-course dinner.

Address: Rozengracht 117, 1016 EX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: Fridays and Saturdays; Dinner is between 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM and the show is held between 10:30 PM and 12:30 AM.

The best Amsterdam sex clubs

Man passing in front of an Amsterdam sex club where a sex worker waits in the window

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Club Paradise

At this Amsterdam sex club, you can partake in the action or be a fly on the wall — you choose. The vibe is open-minded and non-judgmental.

Club Paradise is more like a huge sexy adult playground than a club, with a bar, a rooftop lounge, hot tubs, private rooms, a large swimming pool, showers, and more.

Price: All entrance prices include finger food, and a hot/cold buffet on weekends.

  • Couples: 50 EUR ($49), all drinks up to 50 EUR are free. Couples come in for free on Sundays but must spend at least 25 EUR on drinks
  • Single women: 10 EUR ($9)
  • Single men: 80 EUR ( $79), including two free soft drinks or beer

Address: Schaafstraat 26 A, 1021 KE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours of operation: Friday and Saturday from 8:00 PM to 3:00 AM; Sundays from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Club LV

Club LV is a sex club where heterosexual males can spend time with hired female sex workers of all shapes and sizes in luxurious high-end bedrooms (fitted with strategically placed mirrors), at the large jacuzzi, or at the bar.

The atmosphere at this Amsterdam sex club is relaxed and friendly. There’s no pressure to rent a room, guests can remain at the bar and have a drink if they so choose.

Price: The entry fee is 75 EUR ($74). Renting a private bedroom with one of the hired women is between 300 and 400 EUR ($299-399) per hour.

Address: Middenweg 144, 1097 BV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours of operation: Monday to Saturday from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM

Boys Club 21

Boys Club 21 is a gay sex club where guests can take a seat at the bar and relax with a drink, or enjoy the company of hired male sex workers in a private and comfortable room (with shower) upstairs. There is no pressure to partake, the goal is for guests to enjoy themselves however they choose.

The staff are incredibly friendly, creating great energy. The club also puts on striptease shows.

Address: Spuistraat 21, 1012 SR Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours of operation: Thursday to Sunday from 4:00 PM-10:00 PM


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