International Student Insurance

International Student Insurance

International Student insurance is referred to the insurance coverage provided to students moving out for higher studies abroad. For instance, it generally includes the health policies associated with the shifting of that student to another host country.

Best Schengen Visa Travel Insurance

Schengen Visa Travel Insurance

If you are planning to travel to Europe on a Schengen visa, it is mandatory for you to buy a Schengen visa travel health insurance plan. A Schengen visa allows you to travel to Europe for studies or to conduct business in the European Union. Everyone may have different health insurance needs and hence we have compiled a list of the best Schengen visa travel insurance providers.

Which Travel Insurance is best for you?

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance comes in varied formats. A traveler can choose the insurance that he wants to buy based on his requirements or discretion. Just as an instance, a few of the travel insurances are oriented towards international students while others are oriented towards travelers’ medical issues.